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Facebook's New "Workplace"

    Facebook has recently launched their new “Workplace by Facebook” feature on their platform, which offers a chance for businesses and companies to integrate Facebook as their primary communication tool in the office. Workplace has the same familiar features as Facebook (sharing information, joining groups, organizing events etc.), and is best used as a means of messaging and communication. Essentially, its Facebook if your employer restricted membership to only your coworkers and bosses. But how effective and safe is Workplace? Can you really trust all your sensitive, confidential work information to the website that has been increasingly susceptible to security breaches? Our team at Walton + Brown, LLP has compiled a list of concerns about the new Workplace interface, so you can decide if it is the right move for you and your business.

The clearest dilemma that Workplace by Facebook poses is its level of assurance that your information is safe. Just last September, Facebook exposed the private information of over 50 million users. If your private information (i.e. photos, name, address, relationship status etc.) isn’t safe, how can you ensure that your work information is?

Safe to say, people’s behavior tends to be different when they are at work as opposed to being at home. The environment is more relaxed, and people often will say things that they wouldn’t normally say at work. Similarly, people will post information to their Facebook that they wouldn’t want their coworkers or their boss to see. If employees have both a professional and a personal Facebook presence, chances are they might post something private to Workplace instead of to their personal Facebook. This could make employees reluctant to join Workplace.

Your personal information, (such as what interests you have, what movies you like, food you enjoy, etc.) is very valuable for 3rd party companies like Amazon or Google. They can use your interests to tailor make advertisements for you whenever you go online. Just a few months ago, it was rumored that Facebook sold some of its users’ information for this exact reason. If Facebook doesn’t have an ethical problem with giving away the private information of its users, why wouldn’t they do the same for the private information of businesses? Confidential information about businesses is much more valuable than individual’s private interests after all. Of course this is just speculation, but a serious concern nonetheless.

 Criticism aside, Workplace by Facebook definitely has some perks. There are some serious benefits that it could bring your company if you choose to implement it properly. For more information about this, check out this review written by Jill Duffy at PCMag.

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