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Why You Need a Wrongful Death Attorney

There are few more devastating losses than the death of a loved one. In addition to mourning the loss, you'll likely find yourself facing a number of questions about your legal rights and responsibilities. For example, do you have any right to hold someone accountable for their negligence or reckless behavior? What are the laws in your state concerning wrongful death? Are there ways to protect yourself and your family from scammers who prey on people at their most vulnerable moments? A wrongful death lawyer can help answer these questions while providing comfort and peace of mind during this difficult time.

1. A good attorney knows the law.

A good attorney will know the law and how it applies to your case. This is essential for any personal injury or wrongful death claim. The laws surrounding these cases can be complex, but a great attorney knows how to explain them in ways that are easy for you to understand. A good lawyer will also know what evidence is needed to win the case, so they can help you gather all of the facts from the beginning and make sure everything is documented properly.

2. A good attorney has experience with cases just like yours.

It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience with wrongful death cases. A good attorney will have dealt with similar cases and know what type of evidence is required to win the case. If you are dealing with a situation that has never happened before, it is important to find an attorney who can help guide you through these uncharted waters. When looking at different options, consider how long each law firm has been practicing law and what types of cases they have won in the past. In addition, look up reviews from other clients so that you can get an idea about whether or not this particular firm would be able to handle your specific case effectively and efficiently.

3. A good attorney provides comfort and peace of mind for you and your family during a difficult time.

A good wrongful death attorney is one who helps guide you through the legal process and makes sure that you get everything you deserve. An experienced attorney will be able to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during this time and keep you informed about what’s going on. They can also help ensure that your family receives compensation for their loss, which will allow them to focus on other things like grieving, moving forward with life, paying bills, etc.

A good wrongful death attorney understands how stressful dealing with an insurance company can be after losing a loved one. By working with an attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies they can make sure that they collect all of the compensation they deserve while keeping them from being taken advantage of by large corporations looking only out for themselves at every turn.

4. An attorney can help you tell your story with evidence, not emotion.

An attorney can help you tell your story with evidence, not emotion. To get compensated for the loss of a loved one, you need to be able to show that there was negligence or wrongdoing on behalf of others. An attorney can do this by presenting the facts in court and pushing back against opposing counsel when they try to dismiss your case as frivolous.

If you’re too emotional when describing what happened, it can make it harder for people to believe you—and harder for attorneys and juries alike to sympathize with your cause. An attorney can help ensure that all parties involved are focused on what really matters: getting justice for those who have suffered due to another person’s wrongful actions or negligence.

5. A good wrongful death attorney has the resources to take on corporations, insurance companies, and large trucking companies who have their own attorneys and legal teams protecting their interests.

In addition to a skilled lawyer, you need one with the resources to take on large corporations. Insurance companies and large trucking companies have their own attorneys and legal teams protecting their interests. You need an attorney who can stand up to them.

6. The best wrongful death attorneys work on contingency; if you don't win, you don't pay anything!

For many people, the thought of hiring a lawyer can be daunting because of the cost. However, wrongful death attorneys work on contingency—which means that you don't pay anything unless you win your case.

Contingency fees are typically 33% of the settlement or judgment; however, you don't have to make any payments until after we win your case. This allows you to focus on getting better without worrying about legal fees and bills piling up.


With all this in mind, it’s clear why you should hire a wrongful death attorney. You need someone on your side who knows the law and will fight for you until justice is served. Here at Walton + Brown, LLP. we make it our mission to fight for victims and to fight for justice.