Weather Related Accidents

Posted: February 22 2019

Ohio enjoys all four seasons, which means the winter months can bring icy and harsh conditions that make our streets and walkways more dangerous places to be. Whether it be slipping on the sidewalk or a car accident, bad weather can increase the risk... Continue Reading


Tips for Winter Driving in Columbus, Ohio

Posted: February 19 2019

For some, the winter months bring excitement and a sense of adventure. Others however, dread this time of year for the various problems it may bring. One of the major concerns that Columbus residents especially have during the winter are the driving... Continue Reading


Steps to Avoid Discrimination in your Hiring Process

Posted: January 09 2019

 Our firm recently took on the task of hiring a new employee. The process was long and required reading numerous resumes to find just the right candidates to potentially interview. A lot of small businesses like ours may not have an entire Human Reso... Continue Reading


"Investor Clap Back": Should Investors Sue When Their Companies Harass?

Posted: February 15 2018

The #MeToo movement appears to be affecting some publicly traded companies right where it hurts – in the pocket! Last week, Wynn Resorts (the Las Vegas-based casino) was slammed with a lawsuit from its own shareholders. The lawsuit, filed in Nevada s... Continue Reading